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בחורה יפה ושזופה

Instructions for proper use of the shower / tanning bed

  • Entry over the age of 18

It is mandatory to wear goggles for the poor during tanning

Tan at times defined according to the skin type and the tanning program adapted to the tanning bed  Tanning salon only.

Tanning time up to 12 minutes (according to skin type

Initial tanning program - up to 10 first tanning It is mandatory to tan at 48-hour intervals between tanning and tanning for maximum results.

Advanced tanning program Over 10 tan is allowed to tan only once a week.

Recommended before tanning: Apply a cream suitable for use in a tanning bed only.

Do not enter a tanning bed wet.

It is mandatory to sign a health declaration before starting a tanning program

Do not use perfume or alcoholic preparations about two hours before tanning.

People suffering from hormonal, genetic, skin, heart and blood pressure problems should not sunbathe in a tanning bed unless presented with a medical certificate.

Tanning is forbidden for people taking medications with skin sensitivity.

Pregnant women should not sunbathe on a tanning machine.

To prevent tanning in the facial area and other sensitive areas, it is recommended to apply a cream with a high protection factor (above 30 SPF)

You must have a personal bottle of water and it is mandatory to drink one glass of water before and after tanning.

A towel must be provided for personal use




The Ministry of Health states that the use of a tanning machine is the same as sun exposure

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