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שיזוף , שיזוף בהתזה, הסרת שיער

TLV Tanning Membership Agreement b 


Signing this contract in combination with an initial payment or any mandatory payments will entitle the buyer identified below to companies with proper status in the TLV tanning complex  Tanning - the perfect tan in the style you deserve.

The subscriber confirms that he knows that:

Tanning in a tanning machine is only over the age of 18 !!! And by presenting an ID card only

UVA / B radiation can be dangerous, please read the warnings carefully:

(1) Failure to wear protective goggles provided by: "TLV  Tanning "" customers can cause eye damage.

    Tan bulbs can cause identical effects to sunlight including freckles and pigmentation.

(2) Overexposure causes burns.

(3) Prolonged exposure may cause skin aging and may result in skin cancer (between 50 and 100 exposures maximum per year).

(4) Hypersensitivity or burns may be caused by foods, cosmetics and medications such as but not limited to sedatives,  

    Blood pressure medications, antibiotics and birth control pills.

(5) Any person taking any type of medicine should consult a family physician regarding the reactions of the medicine with UV light.

(6) In special cases and only at the discretion of the management of C. Sun.  If the customer requests to cancel the subscription, each entry will be calculated at a one-time price and the balance if it remains will be refunded to the customer

(7) TLV Tanning recommends starting the tanning series in 4-6 minutes.


The subscriber agrees to comply with all living room regulations. Non-compliance may result in termination of membership. The subscriber is aware that these regulations are subject to change without notice. The subscriber agrees that the right to use the living room facilities belongs solely to sign up. This subscription does not have a transfer and it is not possible to receive a refund.

Do not use tanning facilities under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

I undertake to compensate TLV Tanning for any damage caused to the equipment on site, of any kind, including damage to the building, due to use not in accordance with these rules and / or due to careless use by me.

I am aware that if I do not respect the procedures of TLV Tanning, you will be entitled to cancel the subscription without a refund without detracting from any remedy and / or right to which TLV Tanning is entitled due to an act and / or omission that is contrary to such procedures.

I declare that I have no skin diseases or genetic diseases.

I understand everything written above and want to use the tanning machines.

I confirm receipt of an advertisement   





Tanning is caused by the distribution of pigment pigment from pigment cells in the skin and its browning.

The process is caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation emitted by the tanning bulbs.

It is important to remember that when exposed too long, ultraviolet radiation can be harmful.

To prevent this, the TLV Tanning team must not recommend an initial exposure of more than 6 minutes.

The maximum exposure time is 10 minutes with the option of 2  Extra minutes,

Without exception there is no way or form of tanning beyond that.

*** The customer chooses the time of its exposure.

The TLV Tanning team recommends not trying to get results too quickly as this can cause damage.

The tanning process takes time.

"TLV Tanning" We recommend gradual exposure.

  It is better to achieve the desired result gradually, even though the first exposures will not show a noticeable change and it is even recommended that this be the case.

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