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נהלים והנחיות לשיזוף בשירות עצמי 24 שעות ביממה

Procedures and guidelines for self-tanning 24 hours a day

  • I confirm that I have been instructed on how to use the tanning machines and I am aware that excessive or irresponsible use and according to the instructions given to me is at my sole responsibility.

  • I undertake to make sure that the entrance door to the store is locked after I enter / leave the place. And if there is a fault, I am obliged to report it to the owner of the place by telephone

  • I'm aware of that  That you can not bring a friend into the tanning room with me !.

  • I undertake not to put anyone in the place and not to open the door to any stranger / other customer. The login is personal only and through each customer's personal app.

  • I promise to keep the place clean and especially in the tanning room - do not leave dirt on the floor. Please put the goggles back in place.

  • The door of the machine should be closed after use.

  • Do not operate the tanning machine for more than 1 use only !.

  • I am aware that the entire place (except the tanning rooms) is documented and recorded 24 hours a day.

  • Do not get tanned day after day.

  • Do not use tanning facilities under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • I undertake to compensate TLV Tanning for any damage caused to the equipment on site, of any kind, including damage to the building, due to non-use

  • According to these rules and / or due to careless use by me.

I am aware that if I do not respect the procedures of TLV Tanning, you will be entitled to cancel the subscription without a refund without detracting from any remedy and / or right to which TLV Tanning is entitled due to an act and / or omission that is contrary to such procedures.

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