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תמונה של אישה בזמן שיזוף בהתזה

Spray Tanning

5 wonderful reasons to bring your beauty out!

You have an important event, a business meeting or you fancy a tanned and glamorous look. Want to come with a tan from someone who has just returned from a pleasure cruise in the Caribbean, but the event is a few more days and there is not enough time to sunbathe? A great option and a quick tanning method is spray tanning. The method used by models, grooms and brides, pregnant women, before beauty pageants and some who enjoy a tanned look all year round

  Spray tanning is a great way to get a great tan in 2 minutes

  We all dream of a shiny walnut or chocolate chocolate color for our skin tone. The growing demand to "be tanned" has succeeded in recruiting the technology of the modern world and finding diverse solutions to satisfy the need to get a perfect skin tone

Some background…

The tanning takes place by uniform spraying on the body within a few minutes using a special tanning gun which emits air pressure evenly, thus creating the perfect shade that suits the skin color, without any health hazard!

The active ingredient that allows for the perfect tan  Called 12% - DHA. It is a tanning solution that makes up tri-carbon sugar. This sugar is known to be friendly to the human body because it is extracted from vegetables and glycerin and therefore does not encourage various side effects or sensitivities. The solution is mixed with high-quality and fragrant plant extracts, thus enabling the combination of stabilizing the skin cells between achieving a perfect shade and a refreshing fragrance.  

The tanning solution is approved by various American standards and hence it is authorized for sale and use.

The method is a perfect solution for all those who crave for a tan, even and deep skin tone and all this without being exposed to the sun.

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The benefits of Spray Tanning

In addition to achieving a healthy and shiny tan skin tone, spray tanning has many and varied benefits:

  1. Less risks - It is very important to note that our quality tanning solution is sprayed on your outer layer of skin only. There is no penetration into the inner layer of the skin here and without the various risks involved in exposing the skin to the sun's rays.

  2. Suitable for everyone - we will find the perfect way to give your skin a shiny and radiant bronze tan. It is important to note that the skin continues to darken during the first 8 hours.  

  3. Agility - After the first 8 hours of spraying, the dark shade is absorbed into the skin and does not leave the body for another 10 days. 

Preparations before spray tanning

The treatment should be arranged a day or two before the date for which you want to be tanned.

  • It is recommended to do a quality peel before spraying in order to remove the dead cells from the skin.  

  • Particularly important areas to rub are the knees, feet and elbows. This allows for an end result of a uniform and smooth tan.

  • It is recommended to arrive without makeup, with clean skin after rinsing.

  • You should bring comfortable and breathable clothes to wear after the treatment, in order to maintain the quality of the initial tan.

  • In order to achieve the uniform and best result, it is recommended to spray on a naked body, so that there are no tan lines left in the swimwear and a complete and spectacular look is created.

  • If you need to remove hair from the body, it is recommended to plan and do it before the treatment itself, as hair removal by shaving after treatment may also remove the tanned cell layer and thus obscure or damage the results.

Instructions after spray tanning

  • Avoid sweating and water contact with the skin for 3-5 hours, until the first shower.

  • In the first shower, gently soap the water color will be brown because the initial bronzer is washed off. (Do not worry)

  • During the week, the use of peeling / loofah and sponge should be avoided, and pats should be wiped dry  Lightly and gently  

  • After the shower you can wear white and tight clothes, at this point the tan is absorbed into the skin, the shade  Desired and final  Will be accepted the next day.

  • During the week it is recommended to apply the skin with moisture, which is best with the skin and keeps the tan for a long time.

Mobile Spray Tanning

שיזוף בהתזה -בחורה מרוצה מאוד לחר  שיזוף בהתזה

Professional and natural spray tanning to the customer's home

Whether you want to look your best before an important event, an exciting meeting or have a devastating tan all year round, home spray tanning service will give you the perfect glowing look without being exposed to the sun. Available to order throughout Israel and around the world seven days a week, at a time and place that suits your schedule. Thousands of customers are already enjoying now available to you too.


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Tanning for your wedding

Bride at Wedding Reception

Are you getting married? Mazel Tov!!

At Sunny Tanning we specialize in spray tanning for your special day! 
We have been spray tanning thousands of brides and grooms for over 20 years and we will give you a natural and perfect tan for your special day.

The tanning should be done a day or two before the event.

You are welcome to try ...
We'll  take care of the rest.


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Tanning for events

Beautiful Young Couple

Do you have an important event? Photo campaign?  A Date? Or do you just want to feel beautiful and radiant?

Call and make an appointment at the tanning salon with  Most style  TLV TANNING and we will take care of the most natural, radiant and upgrading tan for you.

The tanning should be done today or two days before the event.
Experience can be reached before, preferably
  Do this about two weeks before the deadline or more.


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