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Tanned VIP service  Spray to the customer's home

* By appointment only

Do you have an important event, a business meeting or do you fancy a tanned and glamorous look? Want to come with a tan from someone who has just returned from a pleasure cruise in the Caribbean? Is the event a few more days and not enough time to sunbathe? A great option and a quick tanning method is spray tanning. The method most models use before productions, fashion shoots or commercials.


The tanning takes place by uniform spraying on the body within a few minutes using a special tanning gun  Which emits air pressure evenly, thus creating the perfect shade that matches the color of the skin, without any health hazard!

The active ingredient that allows for the perfect tan  Called 12% - DHA. It is a tanning solution that makes up tri-carbon sugar. This sugar is known to be friendly to the human body because it is extracted from vegetables and glycerin and therefore does not encourage various side effects or sensitivities. 

Spray tanning to the customer's home  Up to a radius of 5 km from our address beyond that an additional 2 NIS per km

Subscription 5 spray sprays at the customer's home

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