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Glam body tanning mousse with bronzers, this is the perfect solution to give the legs and body a strong and radiant effect that leaves the skin soft, moist and smooth. The tan intensifies within 3-4 hours after application and leaves the skin smooth, glowing with a delicate scent of almond scent. The skin tone gradually lightens in a way that is equal to its rejuvenation, just like a real tan.

How to use:

The mousse should be applied evenly and evenly on clean hands and feet, it is important to wash your hands with soap after use, or wear gloves.

For good results and a deep tan, it is recommended to do a skin peel before use.

To preserve the tan, it is recommended to apply GLAM BODY 1-2 times a week.


GLAM BODY tanning mousse

220,00₪ Regular Price
190,00₪Sale Price
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