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תמונה בזמן עבודה עם המכשיר להסרת שיער

SHR Hair Removal

?Are you also tired of removing  Hair  start over each time

Painless treatment  

✔ No side effects  

✔ No burns  

✔ Suitable for most hair types

✔ Result from the first treatment  

✔ Also suitable in the summer months.

✔ There is no restriction on tanning or sun exposure throughout the treatments

Advanced technology hair removal !! Painless result from the first treatment

Hair Removal in Sunny TLV  is  effective and safe way for maximum results

All the benefits of one device!

The technology was developed by Alma Laser's company that conquered the world, was scientifically researched in clinical trials, its effectiveness has been proven beyond  For all doubt and even won awards for it

In practice it is based on flashes of light and combines several powerful effects during treatment that did not exist before such as cumulative heating that produces protein coagulation in the hair follicle without damaging the epidermis, non-selective photothermalysis - when in fact the device's light beam is absorbed in the hair The treatment is also effective on downy hair in it  Having little melanin

Another innovation is that the treatment is done with the constant movement of the handle on the area chosen for thinning hair and therefore the concept of full and uniform coverage

The technological development of hair removal and the growing demand have created a new reality in the field and made the treatment accessible  For women, men, and teens

After years of research and experience in the field, we bring you the advanced and only technology revolution that enables an efficient, safe and fast treatment procedure with the best results

 .Combination of technology  With a professional and skilled team and in-depth coordination of expectations,  Will ensure you complete satisfaction in achieving the desired result

SHR technology is based on a powerful broadband (AFT) light source, operating at high frequency and average power and low energy. Instead of burning unnecessary hair and sometimes even causing damage to the skin, the SHR system heats the hair follicles and the surrounding tissue until it reaches a suitable treatment temperature - without pain - while maintaining maximum effectiveness of the procedure and preventing negative side effects, such as burns, redness And swelling.

SHR technology works in-motion and in a dynamic, continuous and fast manner on the skin, while covering large areas. In addition, no anesthetic or any other pain prevention action is required.

Advantages of the method

• Painless treatment and side effects

• No burns

• Suitable for all skin types including dark or tanned skin

• Suitable for most hair types

• Maximum and fast results

• Smooth body throughout the treatment process

• There is no restriction on tanning or sun exposure before or after the treatment - also suitable during the summer months.

תמונה של אישה בטיפול בהסרת שיער
תמונה של גבר בזמן טיפול להסרת שיער בטכנולוגיה מתקדמת SHR
תמונה של שתי בחורות מאושרות בים לאחר טיפול בהסרת שיער בטכנולוגיה מתקדמת SHR

Coordination of Expectations

Coordinating expectations is an important and critical step on the way to achieving the result

Desired and patient satisfaction in all existing methods. Already at the diagnosis and consultation stage, we take care of a comprehensive explanation and coordination of expectations with an emphasis on the following issues:

1. Long-term hair reduction and thinning can be expected at a rate of up to 80% of the initial condition in the patient area.

2. The number of treatments varies from person to person depending on his age, the area being treated, and other physiological data.

3. In general, teens will need more treatments than an adult due to hormonal development that decreases with puberty.

4. Most often, achieving the desired result in hormonally defined areas will be slower in both women and men.

5. Hormonal treatments and changes can change the thickness of the hair and grow hair in new places. These changes may occur as a result of pregnancy, old age, taking medication and the like.

6. Hair color - The treatment is not effective on white, blonde or reddish hair.

7. Overdose and other problems will usually require more treatments but the patient will still be able to enjoy a smooth body throughout the treatment and the benefits of the treatment and especially in the facial area.

So if you are tired of messing with shaving wax and constantly messing with your body hair,

Call Anat Naor at 052-4711712 for personal and free advice once and for all from the unnecessary hair on your body!

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